Blog 3

FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI ACCIDENT There was a major earthquake and because of that a 15 meter tsunami was made and it disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima reactors causing a nuclear accident on 11th March 2011. All the three reactors were largely melted in the first few days after the accident. It took […]

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Blog 2

I choose this class because if like sci-fi movies and wanted to know more about those type of topics. This was the only class which was suiting my topic which is “zombies”. The tv serial that I like the most is “The walking dead”, which is a very nice serial. My class was once told […]

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Nowadays in this new era with great technologies and new equipments as these things make a person’s lifestyle too easy. Nobody thinks what if they have to live one day without these things for example Mobile, Internet, T.V etc. What they will do??? It was summer in India the temperature was normally around 100 degrees […]

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